To date, Norgine Ventures has committed funds in excess of €100m to healthcare companies in Europe and in the US. Below is a shortlist of Norgine Ventures portfolio companies:


PathoQuest uses proprietary Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based testing to improve pathogen detection. The company provides services to the biopharmaceutical industry to allow for faster and more comprehensive Viral Safety Testing, Cell Line Characterisation, and tailored solutions to accelerate drug development. PathoQuest has also developed the first CE Marked in vitro diagnostic NGS test, iDTECT™ Dx Blood, for detection of viral and bacterial pathogens in patients with suspected blood stream infections. The company, a spin-out from Institut Pasteur, is based in Paris, France.

Norgine Ventures provided PathoQuest with a Bond facility of up to €3m in June 2019.


Nuubo is a wearable wireless medical device company, with headquarters based in Madrid (Spain) and R&D labs and manufacturing facilities in Valencia (Spain). The company designs, manufactures and sells a proprietary portfolio of innovative wearable wireless ECG medical technologies for cardiac prevention, arrhythmia diagnosis and rehabilitation. The company holds several patents in the EU and the USA. Nuubo received CE marking approval for the commercial sale of its new-generation wearable ECG solution. The company is certified under standards ISO 27001, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.

Norgine Ventures provided nuubo with a venture debt facility of up to €4.5m in November 2017.


pritidenta GmbH is a young German high-tech firm and innovation leader in digital dental prosthetic materials. The main offering ranges from the best-in-class zirconia multidisc to next-generation ceramics, chair-side and 3D printing ceramic materials (under development) for crowns, bridges, full contour restorations, veneers, inlays and onlays. pritidenta focuses on the rapidly growing CAD/CAM and 3D printing segments of the dental market.

Norgine Ventures provided pritidenta with a venture debt facility of up to €2m in August 2017.


caresyntax is a surgical performance optimization platform that activates OR teams with unique point-of-care data to enhance surgical performance, reduce surgical outcome and cost variability, and improve patient care. To date, caresyntax® technologies have raised the performance bar in more than 6,000 operating rooms worldwide and are supporting the next generation of data-enabled OR teams in over 10 million procedures per year. caresyntax® is wholly owned by Surgical Intelligence (“Surgical.AI”), a specialist company builder focusing on automation and artificial intelligence in surgery and acute care.

Norgine Ventures provided caresyntax with a venture debt facility of up to €10m in August 2017.

EBS Technologies

EBS Technologies GmbH, based in Kleinmachnow, close to Berlin, Germany, develops software and hardware for medical stimulation therapies. The company holds several patents in the EU, Japan and the USA, and has successfully completed a clinical trial in which it proved restoration of vision in patients suffering from neuropathies of the optic nerve, such as glaucoma. The therapy is approved for the treatment of visual field loss in accordance with EU regulations as a medical device with a CE label.

Norgine Ventures provided EBS Technologies with a venture debt facility of up to €3m in June 2017.

Collagen Solutions

Collagen Solutions Plc is a global supplier, developer, and manufacturer of medical grade collagen, tissues, and related medical devices and components for use in regenerative medicine, medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics and research. The Company is also expanding its range of biomaterials-based finished medical devices based on its internal and acquired intellectual property for commercialisation with partners via licensing and distribution arrangements, including ChondroMimetic®, an osteochondral scaffold for repairing cartilage defects in the knee. The Company’s products are used in a wide variety of applications including orthopaedics, cardiovascular, dental, plastic surgery, wound healing, neurology and urology.

Norgine Ventures provided Collagen Solutions with a venture debt facility of up to £4m in March 2017.

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PulseCath, based in the Netherlands, develops and commercialises innovative left ventricle assist devices. The lead product, iVAC 2L, is used percutaneously and provides haemodynamic support during cardiogenic shock or high-risk percutaneous coronary interventions. PulseCath devices have a novel design based on pulsatile flow, which is more homogenous with the natural pumping functions of the heart. iVAC 2L is CE-marked and commercialised by Terumo in certain European territories.

Norgine Ventures provided Pulsecath with a venture debt facility of up to €3m in August 2016.


Q3 Medical Devices

Q3 Medical Devices is an Irish medical device developer with c. 120 staff and two subsidiaries in Germany (QualiMed and AMG), developing and commercialising stents and other implantable devices used primarily in interventional cardiology. Q3 Medical Devices is focused on opportunities that will accelerate the expansion of its core manufacturing base as well as enhanced capabilities for innovative developments, distribution channel expansion, and accelerated product offering for patients with cardiology, peripheral vascular and nonvascular diseases.

Norgine Ventures provided Q3 Medical Devices with a venture debt facility of up to €5m in May 2016.



SpineVision is a privately-owned integrated spinal technology company focused on the development and marketing of implants and instrumentation for spinal treatment. SpineVision current products offer easy solutions of treatment for approximately 90% of spinal pathologies i.e. lumbar degenerative disc diseases, deformities, cervical disorders, trauma and tumours. With its new generation products Flex+2 and LUMIS SpineVision is the only manufacturer offering a dynamic stabilisation system which can be used in a percutaneous approach. The Company is headquartered in Antony (south of Paris), France, and has subsidiaries in the USA, Italy, Belgium, Germany and UK.

Norgine Ventures provided SpineVision with a venture debt facility of up to €4m in September 2014.

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Azanta is an international specialty pharma company with focus on marketing specialty pharma products in the Nordic Countries. Azanta operates primarily within oncology, women’s healthcare and addiction medicine, and currently markets a portfolio of specialty pharma products. Constantly, Azanta looks for new licensing opportunities and partners with products addressing unmet treatment needs, to supplement and broaden its existing portfolio. Azanta’s development pipeline includes orphan designated products addressing unmet medical needs.

Norgine Ventures provided Azanta with a venture debt facility of up to €7m in October 2014.

Azanta Logo - Grey


Agendia is a leading molecular diagnostic company that develops and markets genomic-based diagnostic products, which help support physicians with their complex treatment decisions. Agendia’s breast cancer and colorectal cancer diagnostic tests help physicians determine a patient’s individual risk for metastasis, and decide which patients may benefit from chemo, hormonal, or combination therapy, and which patients do not require these treatments and can instead be treated with other less arduous and less costly methods.

Norgine Ventures, together with a syndicate of lenders, provided a venture debt facility of up to €15m to Agendia in March 2013.

Supersonic Imagine

SuperSonic Imagine has developed a revolutionary diagnostic ultrasound system. The company is leveraging a breakthrough technology called ShearWave™ Elastography that was developed at the Institut Langevin, CNRS, Paris and holds the exclusive worldwide rights to key patents in the field of elastography. Based on this technology and its proprietary technology, SuperSonic Imagine is designing and commercialising the Aixplorer®, its innovative ultrasound system.

Norgine Ventures provided financing in the form private bonds to Supersonic Imagine in December 2013.

Stanmore Implants

Stanmore Implants Worldwide is one of the global leaders in extreme orthopaedics and is known for creating some of the world’s most successful implants. It is focused entirely on serving the needs of surgeons that treat orthopaedic oncology, complex trauma, and complex revisions of primary joint replacement. Stanmore’s product portfolio includes both patient specific and off-the-shelf implant systems aimed at limb salvage.

Norgine Ventures provided a venture debt facility to Stanmore Implants in November 2013.

The investment in Stanmore Implants was successfully exited following the acquisition of Stanmore by Stryker Corporation in May 2016.


Orteq is a sports medicine company addressing a substantial, rapid growth sports repair market. The company uses proprietary polymer technology to develop innovative healthcare products for arthroscopic sports medicine surgeons that encourage the body’s own natural healing process. Actifit®, the company’s first commercial product, is designed to help surgeons facilitate the long term repair & regeneration of otherwise irreparable meniscal tears.

Norgine Ventures provided a venture debt facility to Orteq in July 2013.


Internis is a pharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialisation of medicines aimed at the treatment and prevention of a range of common bone disorders, such as osteoporosis and vitamin D3 deficiency.

Norgine Ventures provided a venture debt facility to Internis in July 2013.

The investment in Internis Pharmaceuticals Limited was successfully exited following the acquisition of Internis by Stada Arzneimittel AG in December 2014.


Co-founded in 2009 by Pierre Jérôme and Stéphane Bette, former executives at Medtronic Sofamor-Danek and SpineVision, SpineGuard’s primary objective is to establish its FDA-cleared and CE-marked PediGuard® device as the global standard of care for safer screw placement in spine surgery. SpineGuard’s mission is to make spine surgery safer. The company has offices in San Francisco and Paris.

Norgine Ventures provided financing in the form private bonds to SpineGuard in December 2012. SpineGuard completed an IPO on NYSE-Euronext Paris in April 2013 (ticker ALSGD).

Medical Vision

Medical Vision was founded in 2002 and focuses on endoscopy. The mission is to improve the quality of patient care and reduce health care cost through products built on safe and proven technology. The company develops and produces a broad range of fluid management products used during endoscopic procedures including the Double®Pump which provides automated pressure and flow control thereby facilitating surgeon procedures in arthroscopy.

Norgine Ventures provided a venture debt facility to Medical Vision in June 2012.